Gene-Video-200Marketing 101
by Gene Muchanski
NAUI 3821 L
2015 Board of Directors Candidate

How We Should Be Marketing NAUI Worldwide

Marketing is the art and science of telling prospective customers about the programs, products and services a company sells.  Marketing, in fact, paves the way for sales.  Marketing is a senior executive level  position at any company and should include  the responsibilities of every aspect of product management, customer relations, sales management and corporate messaging and communication.  A major responsibility of a Marketing Department is to create opportunities for its Members and give them a competitive edge in their business.

Specific details of a corporate marketing strategy & plan for any organization like NAUI Worldwide, The NAUI Services Group, or any dive industry business for that matter, should be kept confidential and only shared with its Board of Directors and company employees.  However, the goals and objectives of the organization as well as a summary of items that HQ is working on should be shared with the Membership.  The purpose of this blog is not to divulge confidential information to NAUI’s competitors but to open communications between the Board of Directors and the Membership, NAUI’s customers.  It’s a healthy organization that solicits input from its Membership (customers) and promises to be transparent in its communication. Especially when it comes to Marketing and what the organization is doing on behalf of its members to create business opportunities for them in the marketplace.

I’m running for a seat on the NAUI Board of Directors this fall on a platform that NAUI must increase its marketing efforts substantially if it wants to regain its Leadership role in the diving industry as a quality-oriented certification agency.  For way too long now, NAUI has avoided making marketing a priority at HQ and has suffered a loss of market share and reputation in the industry.  Scores of great Instructors that have been NAUI trained are now teaching diving but certifying through NASE, PADI, SDI, SSI and others.  The number of former NAUI Dive Shops now certifying their students with PADI or SSI is significant.  Although we can still claim to train the best scuba instructors in the world, it would be nice if they stayed with NAUI and certified their students with us.  But we must realize that Scuba Instructors prefer to do business with a certification agency that has the best products, the best prices and the best service.  Not to mention, the best reputation in the market place.

I’ve listed below, proposed marketing priorities and solutions I would work on, as a Member of the NAUI Board of Directors.  Needles to say, this work would be in conjunction with every NAUI Instructor in the field who is willing to share their ideas, suggestions and experience with me.

Proposed Marketing Priorities & Solution Topics:

  • Create Business Plans.  One for NAUI, the Non-profit, one for NSG.
  • Operational Analysis – Identify our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Create Marketing Plan
  • Product Management
    • Product Analysis – Complete ongoing product review
    • Competitive Product Comparison
  • Customer Management
    • Customer Analysis
    • Customer Acquisition, Retention, & Reactivation
    • Customer Service & Customer Satisfaction Goals
  • Sales Management
    • Sales History by sku (in units, dollars, & cost of units sold)
    • Sales Forecasting (Current year + 2)
    • Sales Training for our Territory Managers
  • Marketing Strategy
    • Market Analysis
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Marketing Vehicles Analysis
    • Message Creation
  • Marketing Implementation
    • Marketing Budget
    • Marketing Goals & Desired Outcomes
    • Marketing Tactics
  • Marketing Follow-up
    • ROI Analysis
    • Customer Satisfaction
  • Marketing Communication (Outreach)
    • Set up Intranet Communication
    • Better & more Transparent Member Communication
    • Communicate with Industry Media (Press Releases)
    • Establish Focus Groups (Youth, Women, Minorities. Small Business)
  • Create Marketing Playbook (Action Plan)
    • Include Goals & Objectives (Desired Outcomes)
    • Action List of Projects Underway & Status
    • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual Actions

Input from the field: NAUI Member Comments:

  • “The board needs visionary leadership who know how to take the engine apart and rebuild it with enhanced horsepower and a commanding presence in the race.”
  • “Put someone in charge of NAUI Marketing.”  “Hire professionals that have a marketing background and experience & pay then a decent wage.”
  • “Start a Marketing Committee of member volunteers.”  (In Process)
  • “Develop a Marketing Strategy.”
  • “Develop a marketing plan based on a clear strategy.”
  • “Define marketing goals.” “Communicate with membership.”
  • “Better presence at major trade shows (DEMA).”
  • “Create a unified and corporately driven message.”
  • “Improve internal communications.”
  • “Give Territory Reps a contact list of all members in their territory.”
  • “The biggest thing NAUI has going for it is their reputation.”
  • “Longer courses are OK.  I’ve actually gone back to a 5-6 day course.”
  • “We need ISD Specialists to validate our training.”
  • “NAUI needs people who are in business, who understand business.”
  • “Marketing needs to go on the offensive and communicate what we believe in and what we stand for.”
  • “Go back to our “roots” – Safety Through Education, Quality, Teaching our Loved ones.”
  • “Scuba Certification is not a commodity product.  All cert courses and standards are not the same.  NAUI is better.”
  • “Bring someone onboard that has “The Big Picture.”

Things that need to be improved

  • Marketing
    • Communication, Internal
    • Communication, External
    • Positive Branding Message
    • Competitiveness
    • Return to our Core Values
  • Growth
  • Bylaws – Adjustments & Changes
  • Service
  • Insurance
  • Retail CAP Program – put meat on its bones
  • Give the CAP Program a better ROI for Retailers
  • Pro Facility incentives
  • Tech Centers
  • Resort Destination Network
  • Technical Training Division – Good now.  Could be better.
  • Public Safety Diving Division
  • NAUI “Mer-Kids” need to be adopted.
  • University Programs – Best kept secret in the Industry

To be continued…..